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Happy Hour

We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with a drink in your hand? Join us for Happy Hour every weekday from 5pm-7pm!

Crafted Draft

 Draft is highest volume of our crafted production. Our kegs are delivered twice a day from local bars all the way to distant parts of California. If you stop by for a pint at our facilities , there are always a volunteer bartender to serve you. In this selection we have listed only our seasonal flavors. For full range of products with their ratings please visit the official beer guide ratebeer.com 


 Our cork-capped and cage bottled beer selection is for the aestheticians. It is a moment of old fashion romance to get the cage off and pull the cork out. Innovative Japanese capper technology is use to maximize to volume of CO2 and also preserve the original taste longer. Beer cappers not to be mistaken with the sport cappers, tribute to our regular visitor Tom Hatfield. sports capper seen and heard on national sports radio and TV shows since 1993.